The Effect of Vision Therapy on My Eyes

Why a Vision Therapy Website?

Development of the stereoscopic vision

Developing 3D vision is possible at any age Stereoscopy (stereopsis or 3D vision) is the ability to judge how far away objects are, by using and combining the images seen by each eye separately. Thus, the objects gain a three-dimensional shape and we can see the space between the objects. Stereoscopy is not a light switch, that is either in off or on position, but is a constantly occurring process.

Eyes and Spine

Extraocular muscle tension Aack of eye alignment causes uneven muscle tension in the eyes. Imagine focusing on one object, but one eye is unable to maintain the same fixation as the other eye. This is very important, because we move and position our body according to what we see, and the symmetrical movements of the eyes and the symmetrical muscular tension in our eyes allow us to have an optimal perception of the world and to calculate distances suitable.

Questions for ophthalmologists

Questions for ophthalmologists who say vision therapy isn't working: Have they ever tried, in the long run, to see the world with one eye? Ever wondered what it's like to not see 3D and not be able to appreciate distances? Have they wondered what it would be like to always miss the target in the ball game? How would they feel if they didn't have the courage to look people in the eye?

Visual processing skills

Good vision is more than clear distance vision Vision is more than visual acuity measured with vision charts. If children do not pass the acuity test, the doctor prescribes glasses to compensate for the physical imperfections of the eyes that cause blurred vision. But good vision means much more

The road to reach stereoscopy

Treating strabismus through vision therapy is not eosa! There will be times when you want to giveup Sometimes you will lose faith. Sometimes you will think ya made the wrong choice. You will feel lonely and helpless. Always remember that all these moments are fleeting! Vision therapy is an extraordinary journey during which you will get to know yourself better and you will see the world

Basic eye movements

Oculomotor skills Technically, the control of eye movements is called oculomotor ability.This skill is essential for any activity, from sports to reading. Oculomotor skills allow us to hit a baseball or follow a text line without losing our place. At school, if a child cannot follow the text without problems

Testul Worth

The Worth test is a clinical test to check the brain's suppression of an eye's image. Suppression (suppression) can occur in binocular vision disorders, when the brain ignores or fails to process information received from one eye. Suppression is actually an adaptation of the brain to the existence of strabismus, amblyopia or anisometropia and represents a

Thoughts on vision therapy

I recently read some people's opinions about vision therapy. Someone claimed to have tried vision therapy but it has not been successful. Someone else said he remained with double vision and regretted ever starting vision therapy. Another person strongly stated that vision therapy is not effective at all. I felt sorry to hear all these stories. I realized that they had not been able to get

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