The Effect of Vision Therapy on My Eyes

Why a Vision Therapy Website?

Eye misalignment

Eye misalignment has a major impact on spatial and depth perception Our eyes are remarkable organs that allow us to experience the world in all its splendor. In some cases, however, eye misalignment can disrupt our ability to perceive the world accurately. Vertical strabismus, convergent strabismus and divergent strabismus are common misalignments of

Eye imbalance can affect your posture

Eye imbalance can affect your posture in the following ways: Eye imbalance can distort visual perception, leading to attempts to compensate through body posture (head tilt, head rotation, duck walking, tiptoeing, etc.). Ocular imbalance can also cause inaccurate depth perception, which causes the shoulders to round or the pelvis to tilt anteriorly. The imbalance [...]

Visual skills

Visual skills help us see the world effortlessly. We must know that sight means much more than visual acuity. And having "perfect" vision (20/20) means next to nothing when we're talking about strabismus, for example. Most optometrists and ophthalmologists are concerned with the clarity of vision, using glasses or contact lenses to [...]

Accommodative disorders

Accommodative Disorders or Accommodative Dysfunction Represents a problem focusing, especially near. Accommodative dysfunction is not so much a difficulty seeing (or clarity) as a problem maintaining accurate and comfortable focus, especially at close range. Accommodation can be affected by the following factors: 1. Refractive errors. These are age related [...]

Life with strabismus

Difficulties with vision, orientation and balance, hand-eye coordination, reading and learning, making eye contact, all of these and many more, make life with strabismus difficult. I have lived with these difficulties since early childhood and, most of the time, I did not realize that the main [...]

he complete eye exam 

The complete ophthalmological examination is much more than measuring the refraction and prescribing the necessary optical correction. The complete ophthalmological examination has the following stages: External examination: The way the patient moves and body posture Abnormal position of the head in space, walking freely and sitting, when the patient identifies a landmark at a distance. This position of the head [...]

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