Ganduri despre terapia vizuala

Thoughts on vision therapy

Thoughts on vision therapy said out loud.

I recently read some people's opinion about vision therapy. Someone claimed to have tried vision therapy but had no satisfactory results. Another said he was left with double vision and regretted starting therapy. Another person was adamant that vision therapy is not effective at all. I felt sorry for everyone. I realized that they haven't been able to get to that point where they understand what they have to do to get what they want.

I suddenly felt the need to share my thoughts. About what I believe in and about what I have practiced over the last three years, since I started vision therapy.

I felt the need to write about fear or more precisely, about COURAGE.

  • The courage to see differently than you have been used to all your life.
  • The courage to straighten your eyes in a position that initially makes your body feel helpless and vulnerable.
  • The courage to experiment and step into unknown territories.
  • The courage to feel differently than you used to.
  • The courage to "let" your mind apply the new methods learned through vision therapy.
  • The courage to try to activate neural networks that have been dormant for years or, even more importantly, to use new neural networks, recently created in your brain, through experimentation, perseverance and a lot of work.

Vision therapy is a journey whose end you never know how close it is. It is a journey, through territories unknown to you, into your own body. It greatly improves your self-image, posture, confidence, performance in countless activities and, ultimately, it improves your whole life.

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